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Recipe ideas for a perfect Autumn pic-nic in the woods

When I was younger, picnics were a tradition my mom and I carried out every Autumn, sometimes just the two of us or with my friend Francesca (and of course our dog York!). We usually kept them simple: few sandwiches, pieces of cake, biscuits, tea and fruit juice. We grabbed a colorful blanket,…

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How to water propagate plants at home easily

Ever since I can remember, our house in Italy had flowers and plants. Apart from the garden always filled with colors, my grandfather often came back with seasonal flowers. One of his friends had a banco at the market where he used to bring flowers and plants from his serra or flower shop….

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Wild animals living near our farmhouse in Italy

Every morning after I wake up I open all the windows. I have to be very careful to open my bedroom window though. There’s a deer that comes near the house and strolls around while eating grass. At first my father thought the footprints he saw were a boar’s, but then one morning…

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Nostagic feelings on the last Summer days in Italy

For many people, especially foreigners, Italy means sun and sea, beaches, pasta, great food, art and passion. Every single time in my expat life so far, I met people who enthusiastically told me how lucky I was to come from such a place, when there’s sun all day, it’s so warm and ‘oh…

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