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The 6 best places to see roses in and around Tokyo

I spent October and May visiting gardens in and around Tokyo looking for roses: Japanese roses are unique in that they mostly look like peonies at times, while the ones you’ll find in flower shops are the same we’re used to in Europe. Kyuu Furukawa Teien Kyuu Furukawa Teien hosts two events dedicated…

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Why Halloween is popular in Japan

If you’ve ever wondered why Halloween is popular in Japan, here’s the answer. The beginnings in the theme parks It all started in 1997 when Tokyo Disneyland created a Halloween-themed event to attract more visitors in autumn. Immediately after, Universal Studios in Osaka did the same; as events escalated, more and more Japanese…

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Japanese chestnuts for Autumn treats

What’s more autumnal than chestnuts? I remember when my grandfather came back from the farmers market with a bunch of chestnuts that he would later roast on the stufa. Well, in many Asian countries chestnuts are as popular as here in Europe, and in Japan the love dates back… …about 5000 years Chestnuts…

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Recipe ideas for a perfect Autumn pic-nic in the woods

When I was younger, picnics were a tradition my mom and I carried out every Autumn, sometimes just the two of us or with my friend Francesca (and of course our dog York!). We usually kept them simple: few sandwiches, pieces of cake, biscuits, tea and fruit juice. We grabbed a colorful blanket,…

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Momijigari: meaning, legend, foods and travel tips

As a teenager I thought that the best time to visit Japan was spring, doing hanami under the fully bloomed cherry trees. Then my friend Chiara told me that autumn is just as nice and beautiful. To this, I need to add that my journey of living in Japan started in autumn and…

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