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Tokyo Megacity: Evolution, Innovation, and Global Significance

Tokyo, a city that pulsates with energy, creativity, and innovation, stands as a testament to Japan’s cultural richness and technological prowess. As we delve into the heart of this bustling metropolis, we’ll uncover the unique tapestry that makes Tokyo one of the world’s most fascinating megacities. Join me on a journey through the…

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Japanese Tales: The Fire of the Furisode

Among the Japanese stories and legends there is that of the great Meireki fire (明 暦 の 大火, Meireki no taika) or the fire of the furisode. Let’s find out why it is called that. The fire The fire broke out in the winter of 1657, the third of the Meireki era, from…

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Come Tokyo è diventata la capitale del Giappone

Oggi è giornata di festeggiamenti a Tokyo, l’anniversario in cui un proclama imperiale cambiò il nome della più grande metropoli del mondo da Edo a Tokyo. Da Edo a Tokyo Edo è spesso descritto come un tranquillo villaggio di pescatori prima del 1603, quando Tokugawa Ieyasu stabilì qui il suo governo, facendone la…

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