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Inari’s Embrace: Heritage and Healing Powers of Chanoki Inari Shrine

Renowned nationwide for prosperity in business, gastronomy, attire, accommodation, advancements in performing arts, and notably for its reputed efficacy in curing eye ailments, Chanoki Inari Shrine holds an auspicious origin deeply embedded in Japan’s cultural tapestry. Enshrining Inari Inari, a revered Shinto deity in Japan, embodies the essence of prosperity, fertility, and agricultural…

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Yoshiwara Chronicles: the Allure of Asakusa’s Oiran Courtesans

Let’s delve into the vibrancy of the Asakusa Kannon-ura Ichiyo Sakura Matsuri, an annual celebration in the former Yoshiwara district of Tokyo. In this blog post, we not only explore the festival’s allure but also unravel an intriguing legend involving foxes from the historic Yoshiwara district. Yoshiwara: From Tragedy to Resilience During the…

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Looking for foxes at Hikan Inari Shrine near Sensoji

I’ve been passionate about foxes for a couple of years now, and my love for yokai goes back to the time I was watching Yu Yu Hakusho. Every time I find something related to foxes and yokai, I get all hyped and need to visit or know more. Now, I visited Sensoji several…

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Wild animals living near our farmhouse in Italy

Every morning after I wake up I open all the windows. I have to be very careful to open my bedroom window though. There’s a deer that comes near the house and strolls around while eating grass. At first my father thought the footprints he saw were a boar’s, but then one morning…

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