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The History of Hanami

In Japan, few events capture the essence of springtime as beautifully as hanami – the centuries-old tradition of cherry blossom viewing. Every year, as the sakura trees burst into bloom, people from all walks of life gather beneath their delicate pink canopy to celebrate the fleeting beauty of the season. But behind the…

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Unearthing Tokyo’s Hidden Hanami Havens

In the vibrant scene of Tokyo’s hanami culture, there’s more than meets the eye. While iconic spots like Ueno Park and Chidorigafuchi are perennial favorites, Tokyo harbors hidden gems for those seeking a unique and unconventional hanami experience. Join us on a journey through the city’s most unusual cherry blossom havens that redefine…

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Mini guida: i posti migliori per l’hanami a Tokyo

Quest’anno a molti di noi non resta che sognare l’hanami, per cui ho pensato di portarmi avanti con le speranze per il prossimo anno: ecco qui i posti migliori per ammirare la fioritura dei ciliegi a Tokyo. Quale scegliereste? Parco di Ueno Il parco di Ueno è una scelta piuttosto ovvia, specialmente per…

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