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Inari’s Embrace: Heritage and Healing Powers of Chanoki Inari Shrine

Renowned nationwide for prosperity in business, gastronomy, attire, accommodation, advancements in performing arts, and notably for its reputed efficacy in curing eye ailments, Chanoki Inari Shrine holds an auspicious origin deeply embedded in Japan’s cultural tapestry. Enshrining Inari Inari, a revered Shinto deity in Japan, embodies the essence of prosperity, fertility, and agricultural…

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Yoshiwara Chronicles: the Allure of Asakusa’s Oiran Courtesans

Let’s delve into the vibrancy of the Asakusa Kannon-ura Ichiyo Sakura Matsuri, an annual celebration in the former Yoshiwara district of Tokyo. In this blog post, we not only explore the festival’s allure but also unravel an intriguing legend involving foxes from the historic Yoshiwara district. Yoshiwara: From Tragedy to Resilience During the…

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Jozan Inari Shrine: Matsue’s Spiritual Legacy with Lafcadio Hearn

Nestled close to Matsue Castle, Jozan Inari Shrine stands as a serene testament to Japan’s rich cultural tapestry. With its roots deeply entwined in history and a unique connection to the renowned Lafcadio Hearn, this sacred shrine invites travelers to explore its tranquil grounds and immerse themselves in the spiritual ambiance that Matsue…

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Discovering the hidden gems of Ryogoku and Kuramae

We took a serene day off between Ryogoku and Kuramae, looking for Inari shrines (foxes!), swords and mimosa flowers. Mimosa flowers are among my favorites, and, after a bit of search, I found few places where they bloom beautifully. I’m also always on the lookout for Inari shrines, so I usually check Google…

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