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Minato Shichifukujin Meguri

The first seven days of the year are considered among the luckiest in Japan, so Shichifukujin Meguri (or the visit to the seven lucky gods) is really popular: this year I decided to visit the shrines and temples of Minato. I’ve been attached to old things lately, probably because of what has been…

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Starting 2023 in Tokyo

Realising I’m one month late, but so many things happen in January! And I finally want to write again; making virtual walks videos is nice – not to mention a great exercise! – but my blogs need some love too. So here we go. Metro didn’t run after midnight on New Year’s day…

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Mochi tradition and microwave-free recipe for the Japanese new year

It’s almost the new year, so in Japan it’s time to make mochi and attract luck on you and your family – so here I share the tradition and a microwave-free recipe you can easily make at home. The end of the year and the beginning of the new one represent two recurrences…

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Momijigari: meaning, legend, foods and travel tips

As a teenager I thought that the best time to visit Japan was spring, doing hanami under the fully bloomed cherry trees. Then my friend Chiara told me that autumn is just as nice and beautiful. To this, I need to add that my journey of living in Japan started in autumn and…

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