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2024 Shichifukujin Meguri: Spiritual Gems in Asakusa

Nestled in Tokyo’s historic Asakusa district, the Shichifukujin Meguri invites you on a spiritual journey like no other. Explore revered temples and shrines dedicated to the Seven Lucky Gods, known as Shichifukujin. Embark on this sacred odyssey to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Japanese spirituality, history, and culture. The whole journey…

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Celebrating Tori no Ichi at Hanazono Jinja in Shinjuku

One of the best things about going to school in Shinjuku was that the school building was right next to the grounds of Hanazono Jinja, one of the best places to celebrate Tori no Ichi! What’s Tori no Ichi? Tori-no-ichi is an annual festival traditionally held in November, on days designated as days…

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