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7 apps you should install if you’re visiting Japan

After living here for a while, here are the apps I suggest you install on your smartphone if you’re planning to visit Tokyo or live here for a while. Yurekuru Call Yurekuru Callwill alert you in case of an earthquake. You can customise the setting depending on the area you’re staying in and…

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Suica and Pasmo: most popular questions about Japanese metro cards

There are so many questions lately about the new metro card system, after sales of regular Pasmo and Suica stopped in August. This was apparently caused by scarcity of semiconductors used in the card chip. I would like to address some of these questions and will update if more come to mind. Can…

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Celebrating Tori no Ichi at Hanazono Jinja in Shinjuku

One of the best things about going to school in Shinjuku was that the school building was right next to the grounds of Hanazono Jinja, one of the best places to celebrate Tori no Ichi! What’s Tori no Ichi? Tori-no-ichi is an annual festival traditionally held in November, on days designated as days…

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