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Tengu: The Bird-like Guardians of Japanese Mountains

In the dense, mist-shrouded forests and lofty mountains of Japan, mysterious beings known as tengu have long been believed to reside. These bird-like guardians, often depicted with avian features and supernatural powers, are central figures in Japanese folklore and mythology. Their complex nature, oscillating between mischievous tricksters and protective deities, reflects the rich…

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Visiting King Enma in Tokyo: Guardian of the Afterlife in Buddhist Beliefs

In the vast tapestry of Buddhist beliefs, numerous deities and figures hold unique significance, each contributing to the intricate spiritual landscape. One such prominent figure is King Enma, a revered guardian who presides over the afterlife. Origins of King Enma King Enma, also known as Yama or Yama-no-Kami, has roots that extend deep…

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Lafcadio Hearn’s Matsue: A Journey Through Time, Myth, and Legacy

As we traverse the enchanting landscapes of Matsue and Shimane, we step into the world that Lafcadio Hearn once called home. His legacy endures in the pages of his writings and the echoes of his footsteps in these timeless locations. The city of Matsue and the broader Shimane prefecture invite travelers to delve…

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Looking for foxes at Hikan Inari Shrine near Sensoji

I’ve been passionate about foxes for a couple of years now, and my love for yokai goes back to the time I was watching Yu Yu Hakusho. Every time I find something related to foxes and yokai, I get all hyped and need to visit or know more. Now, I visited Sensoji several…

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